We don’t want to know where Brock Purdy keeps that horseshoe hidden


Sell your Brock Purdy rookie card. Sell your Brock Purdy rookie cards

If the Niners were so convinced of Purdy’s impending greatness they would not have waited to pick him at the last round of the draft. It wasn’t a prank they played on the rest the league. This was not a trick. If it’s a rabbit.

The fans of the Niners will tell you they are the only ones who can endure giving up all that money for a QB, Trey Lance. This is because Purdy had foresight and Shanahan was their coach. It is almost certain that a team will be crippled for many years if not even a decade if they give up so many draft picks to a bust. Purdy’s luck on the field is similar to the luck that the Niners had. Do I know that he is doing what he says he will do? Sure don’t. I feel like every throw over five yards screams through the TV to be intercepted. It never happens. It could be because George Kittle, Deebo Sam and their crew are so good that they always get to the pass first and gain an additional seven yards since the first guy doesn’t bring them down. What, five throws of more than 10 yards? Two of those throws were touchdowns? He throws 300 yards, but rarely or never throws a pass further than the distance snot takes to travel on a sneeze.

This isn’t planned. This isn’t a design. It’s not just a design. It was almost the same last year.

Teams are in the wilderness for years trying to find a quarterback that will change their fortunes and their perception. The Niners have landed on him, or should I say had him land on them. The guard left their cell unlocked and they fell into a manhole. They will tell you that it was Escape From Alcatraz. No wonder people are snide about it.

Man of the match

Look at this hero:

He only spills a drop when reaching his friends, and he does that while no one in his row is making it any easier for him to get by. Look at this hero.

Man the match

He spills only a little bit of beer when he reaches his friends. And he does it while no one else in his row makes it easier for him to get through. It appears that he is carrying 12 beers only for two friends, and loading up on beer for the remainder of the match. We can all learn from this dedication.

This is it, right here

And people ask me why I watch wrestling:

Have a good weekend folks.

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