Walk-in showers vs step in showers – which should I get?


Are You We When These A They Walk-in showers are usually very spacious, and are popular for their modern, contemporary look.

What are the pros and cons of choosing a walk-in shower?

Pros of a walk-in shower


– they’re great for people with mobility issues or mobility aids (such as wheelchairs) and for the elderly


– they’re found in many contemporary, modern bathroom designs and create a high comfort, luxury feel

Picture of a walk-in shower in a bathroom with radiator


– they can be customised to fit lots of bathroom layouts, sizes and styles

  • Safe – they’re good at incorporating safety features like hand rails, non-slip floors and shower seats
  • Spacious – they’re great at creating an open, spacious showering experience as there are no glass panels or shower screens that can make you feel closed in
  • Cons of a walk-in showerMore complex installation
  • – walk-in showers are usually more complex and time consuming to install, and can sometimes be more expensive to have built, depending on your choice of design and customisationWater leaks
  • – it’s harder to contain water flooding in walk-in showers, so you need to ensure you have good drainage installedNot space friendly

– walk-in showers tend to need more space than step-in showers, making them less compatible with smaller bathrooms

  • What are the pros and cons of choosing a step in shower?Pros of a step in shower
  • Space-efficient – step in showers work a lot better for a range of bathroom sizes, making them more practical for smaller bathrooms
  • Contain water better – unlike walk-in showers, step in showers are less likely to cause leaks or mess as they have a raised threshold and panels that keeps water from splashing out
Picture of a bathroom with natural materials and a ladder

Cost effective

– step in showers tend to be less expensive to install

  • Cons of a step in showerHarder to keep clean
  • – step in showers are harder to maintain than walk-in showersLess spacious
  • – step ins are more confiningLess accessible

– Step in showers are more difficult to use if you have mobility problems

  • Therefore, you should get a walk-in shower if…You have a large bathroom with lots of space
  • You or someone you live with has accessibility problemsYou want your shower to be highly customisable
  • Or, you should get a step-in shower if…You have a small bathroom
Picture of a shower head with water flowing out

You want to contain water damage and mess

  1. You’re on a budget
  2. Ready to get started? Speak to a bathroom installation specialist today to request a quote.

How much does a walk-in shower cost?

  1. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from
  2. PS200
  3. to


for a walk-in shower. The The The average shower installation is between


and PS600.Renovating your whole bathroom? You The Shower The average step in shower installation is between PS350 and PS600.For a more accurate quote, speak to a skilled bathroom fitter today.FIND A LOCAL BATHROOM FITTER