Video and audio calls on X, formerly Twitter, will be for paying subscribers only


One feature that will push the company in this direction is the ability to make audio and video phone calls. One upcoming feature to push the company in that direction is the ability to make audio and video phone calls.

However, according to new code found in the latest version of the X app, it appears that this major new feature isn’t going to be for everyone. It will only be available to those paying $8 per month to subscribe to X Premium. Just to clarify: I will call you, not me. ),” Messina posted, referring to a


promo video that X CEO Linda Yaccarino shared last week.

“Ah, and you’ll of course have to PAY for that feature, because Skype is dead,” Messina continued.TechCrunch provided a further breakdown of what was in the code, highlighting how the call feature is tied in with the current Direct Message options, and attempting to use the feature as a non-paying user will provide a prompt to subscribe to X Premium.

“Take messaging to the next level with audio and video calls,” reads the X code. Turn on the feature and select whom you want to use it with. “

Audio and Video calls are a Premium feature,” states the prompt when a user who is not paying tries to select this option. Subscribe to gain access. It is possible, of course, that X will change course and roll out audio and video calls to all users in the future. However, as of now, it looks to be a paid feature.Employees working on the upcoming audio and video call capabilities on X have previously

screenshots of their work. Musk himself has

about it as well, laying out the features.

“Works on iOS, Android, Mac & PC…No phone number needed…X is the effective global address book,” Musk posted. This set of factors are unique. But, no, this set of features are not unique. As Messina suggests, Skype is certainly a shadow version of what it used to be, but still very much alive. Discord is a popular and very modern chat platform that offers audio and video calling capabilities. Same for Facebook Messenger. All of these services are cross-platform, and they do not require you to have a phone number. All of them are free to use. There’s no reason to pay for X premium when there are other call options that offer the same features without charge.

It’s also unclear how this moves the needle for X Premium, the company’s sharedunderperformingtweeted paid subscription service. Mashable reported that the creator monetization was the most valuable feature for potential customers. However, one needed to subscribe in order to receive payment. Musk says that X has more than a half a million monthly users, but only around 1,000,000 have signed up for the service nearly a year after its launch.