US DOJ seeks to stop ex-president Trump from delaying trial in classified documents case


The DOJ response, filed by Special Counsel Jack Smith outlines several reasons why Trump’s request, to which his co defendants also joined, should not be granted. Smith addresses the concerns raised by Trump counsel regarding discovery. Smith notes that, contrary to the claims made by the defendants about unsatisfactory disclosure, the government produced “extensive and prompt unclassified disclosure.” The DOJ response:

The defense has no plausible reason to delay a trial which is still seven month away. The defendants are well-informed about the charges, the Government’s theory and the superseding indictment. They have also received comprehensive and organized unclassified and classifed discovery. The Government’s unfounded claims that it has not complied with its discovery obligations are not sufficient to support the request. The Government believes that their claims of not being able to review classified documents are exaggerated and distorted. In any case, they expect that the CISO resolves any remaining issues by the end of this week. The motion claims “ongoing noncompliance” on the part of the Special Counsel’s Office in regards to the discovery process. In an FBI raid in August 2022, 15 boxes of missing classified documents were found at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. The trial date was set for May 20, 2024 in an order filed in July of 2023. As a result, he has been suggested to be banned from running for office by several groups, including nine California legislators.