This virtual library restores banned books to read for free


Education freedom is under threat in America at a level never seen before. The number of nationwide book bans has risen, and challenges to books have doubled since 2022. The freedom to read and learn is in question, however, as the creator of

The 1619 Project

,Nikole Hannah-Jones, says, “Finding joy in the midst of these book bans is easy because…communities and particularly young people are fighting back, are demanding a freedom to read and learn and be uncomfortable. “SEE ALSO:

You can find banned books online for free

Amongst many libraries and communities fighting for this right, The Digital Public Library of America created The Banned Book Club on July 20, 2023. This club reaffirmed the belief that “readers should be able access the books they wish to read”. The book club, powered by the Palace Project, an organization dedicated to expanding access to library materials and books, has worked to restore access to all pieces of literature in America that have been banned. The virtual libraries created by the DPLA rely on GPS-based geotargeting in order to track and record banned books by location. The Banned Book Club offers free access to books in locations where they are prohibited. The list of banned titles is based in part on Dr. Tasslyn Magusson’s database for EveryLibrary. The organization also allows users to report any book bans. In celebration of National Banned Book Week which runs from October 1-7, the Banned Book Club made their presence known throughout Texas. Texas is often referred to as the “banned book capital” of the United States. The Banned Book Club has created travelling billboards that have been placed in front of landmarks like the University of Texas, the state capitol in Austin, and Llano County Public Library – which is at center stage for an ongoing battle against free speech. To make a statement, the organization has created travelling billboards that have been placed in front of landmarks like the University of Texas, the state capitol in Austin, and the Llano County Public Library – the latter sitting at the center of an ongoing battle against free speech.

Credit: The Banned Book Club.

“Every time a book is banned from a library, we’re going to help put it right back,” reads the Banned Book Club’s website. Our mission is to give anyone in a library which has banned a particular book free access to its digital version. This process starts with a virtual library card that opens up a vast library. How to start.

Step 1:
Download the Palace Project App

You can download this app from the App Store or Google Play.

Step 2:
Find the Banned Book Club
The Palace Project.
Click the Settings icon in the lower right corner.

Here, the words “Banned Book Club”, should be displayed.

Step 4:
Create your library card

Click “Create Card”, under the Banned Book Club Page, and follow the instructions.
The Palace Project.
Verify your email.

The app will send you an email asking you to verify your account.

Screenshot of The Palace Project app's list of libraries.

Step 6:
Log in to the Palace App using your library barcode number as well as your password.

Verification email included the number.

Step 7:
Download your first ebook and start reading.

You can borrow up to five books at once. Each book is available for 21 days.