The writers’ strike is over and the NBA script is already rolling


James Harden and Joel Embiid will play leading roles in the next season of National Basketball Association.
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Ding-dong, the strike is dead. Deadspin’s WGA brethren reached an agreement with AMPTP to financially recognize the importance of brains and fingers that are a part of the foundation for entertainment. The writers will be returning to their desks, which means that late-night TV is about to return. Jimmy Fallon must explain his toxic 30 Rock wing. The Chicago series,

YoungSheldon and Abbott Primary will also gradually return. Most importantly,

professional script writers for sports can return to work. Arian Foster broke the news earlier in this year, when he stated that the NFL was more about acts and scenes rather than splits or screens. Aaron Rogers must have been a little hesitant to make his debut on Monday Night Football

after the summer’s buildup to save the New York Jets. The writers must have finished their NFL work by the time they left on May 2 because the buildup and payoff for Swift’s appearance were quite well done. The NBA season is a drama like no other. Damian Lillard’s trade to the Milwaukee Bucks has already begun. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported that Jrue Holiday, Deandre Ayton, Grayson Allen and Jusuf Nerkic were traded to the Portland Trail Blazers in a three team deal

. The writers are back just in time for this season’s start. I’m not in the NBA writers room, but I can offer some ideas for a great 2023-24 season.