The San Francisco 49ers sure look like the next Super Bowl champs


I almost turned off the Sunday night Football when Cris Collinsworth stated that the San Francisco 49ers would “throw slants” to the fullback after Kyle Juszczyk had caught a 7-yard pass on a slant. Collinsworth forced me to pay attention to what I had just seen. I thought I was watching a 49ers performance that was typical. The 49ers’ football style is not standard. They may have beaten the Dallas Cowboys 42-10, but that was just business as usual. The 49ers fullback, as Collinsworth stated on the broadcast, runs slants. They had two victories that any team could have displayed on their fireplace. They had demolished the New York Giants and New England Patriots

The 49ers’ Week 5 win against the Cowboys turned out to be a fantasy gold mine for those who invested in their defense, Brock Purdy, George Kittle, and/or Christian McCaffrey. However, in real NFL football, the 49ers proved in throttling the Cowboys that they are the standard by which all NFL teams should be measured.Outside of a hiccup to the Arizona Cardinals

, the Cowboys had given up only 14 points the entire season. The Cowboys had a lot of penalties and turnovers in that game. Injuries will determine which team is best positioned to win a Super Bowl in January. That being said, if the 49ers have largely the same personnel on the field in winter that squashed the Cowboys, a Super Bowl Championship parade is headed to the Bay Area for the first time in nearly 30 years.Against the Cowboys in Week 5, the 49ers showed little to no weaknesses. Purdy missed some passes in first half but the 49ers still led 21-7 at the intermission. After halftime, the Cowboys had a good offensive drive. The 49ers scored touchdowns on their next three possessions, two of which were the result of Cowboys turnovers. Two of the touchdowns were scored by the 49ers as a result of Cowboys mistakes. There is always a good matchup between Brandon Aiyuk and Deebo Sam, George Kittle, McCaffrey and Kyle Shanahan’s playcalling. The Cowboys are a formidable team, while the 49ers are a deadly weapon. The Cowboys may be able to plan a win against the 49ers in the playoffs, but it is unlikely. They did this in part due to their route concepts. A fullback could gain seven yards by using a slanting pattern.