The Miami Dolphins and San Francisco 49ers can afford to gamble


The San Francisco 49ers defense became even more intimidating with the addition of Randy Gregory

and the Miami Dolphins offense morphed Chase Claypool to a group of ridiculously talented skill players. Both franchises made billions after the pandemic, with two trades that cost almost nothing. Best division in the NFL by 2022? | Agree to DisagreeWhile the Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears each rid themselves of unnecessary headaches after tumultuous starts, Kyle Shanahan and Mike McDaniel are stockpiling for a playoff run, and here’s hoping both squads stay healthy. It’s no coincidence that the Dolphins’ 2nd-year coach came from Shanahan. Some of the prettiest

Dolphins upgrade from early-stage Fast and Furious power

Claypool transfers over to the Dolphins for a 2025 sixth-round draft pick. Mixing Claypool with Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle is akin to swirling nitroglycerine with plutonium, and C-4. McDaniel seems to be the type of director that knows how to use a moody actor. Despite being beaten by Buffalo four-to-one Sunday, Miami is still the team that scores the most, with 37.5 points per game, and has +31 in point differential. Chicago’s temporary rental, Tua Tagovailoa, is a 6-foot-4, 230-pound “possession” wide receiver with the ability to stretch defenses as if it was not an issue. If the Fins can get Claypool to overcome his self-created problems, they will have one of the most talented receiving corps in the NFL. San Francisco also has three All-Pro level skill players, but not at the same position, or with a couple of track stars leisurely, threatening standing in the backfield.

We’ll see how long it takes for the novelty to wear off of McDaniel’s scheme (or if that happens at all), but the optimist says this team has yet to peak with corner Jalen Ramsey aiming for a December return. Miami’s season is a mess, and it doesn’t even take a sportswriter to see that. So I will take the path of a baseball player who avoids mentioning hit. The real reason for this gamble is . Miami does not want to play in bad weather during the playoffs. Keep that offense loose and as far away from Western New York or Kansas City in January, and welcome all comers.If the 49ers defense had a weakness, it doesn’t anymoreCertain moves have disaster written on them from the

jump, and usually,

it has more to do with the team than the player. Gregory has become a situational player at this stage of his career. The 49ers’

defensive unit is usually in a favorable situation for edge rushers, so the veteran who was previously tasked to

bailing Dak Prescott or Russell Wilson will now be able to run freely opposite Nick Bosa.

All it took to acquire the veteran was a

2024 sixth-round pick, and mirroring the Miami-Chicago swap, John Lynch got a seventh-rounder in return, as well. Denver is reportedly paying the majority of Gregory’s salary in 2023. It’s an easy decision for a Niner team who could use another man to harass the quarterback. And it’s not a bad trade for Denver, as they got a much better return than if they had just released him. The Niners, who are undefeated this season, have the most sacks of any team. Seattle’s tie for first place in the league is due to the Giants and San Francisco. Gregory, at 30 years old, is just as disposable as Sly’s latest IP dump. However, he could theoretically contribute more than Dolph Lundgren. The Niners’ new acquisition is unlikely to play against Dallas this Sunday. But I’m certain that Gregory will smash Dak’s knee in the playoffs.

A Miami – San Francisco Super Bowl is like the Rams – Chiefs Monday night shootout but with Michael Bay – or the current Michael Bay who hasn’t been canceled – orchestrating the fireworks. The two Big Ten West teams are now trying to hump the doorknobFor anyone who did not sit through the four-hour Nebraska vs. Illinois game, here is a list of the results of the teams’ second-half drives. Nebraska

: PuntIllinois

: Fumble

Nebraska: Field goalIllinois

: Punt


: Missed field goalIllinois

: DownsNebraska

: FumbleIllinois

: PuntNebraska

: InterceptionIllinois

: InterceptionNebraska

: FumbleIllinois

: DownsNebraska

: End of gameMatt Rhule’s team inexplicably won this game, 20-7, regardless of its repeated attempts to yack the new Big Ten coach’s first conference W.