The Buffalo Bills are the Forrest Gump of the NFL


The NFL is Buffalo Bills world, and we all live in it. The Kansas City Chiefs are the dominant NFL franchises. Joe Brrrr..Bengals, Philadelphia Eagles, and the Kansas City Chiefs also dominate the conversation. But Buffalo is Forrest Gump. The Bills are not the Forrest Gump of NFL franchises, in that a generic actor will portray Josh Allen someday in a biopic. The Bills’ season may already be over. They’ve changed the course of history from the passenger seat without doing anything special. An assortment for your viewing pleasure:

Run, Aaron, Run!

For instance, Monday marks one week since Aaron Rodgers ruptured his achilles on Monday Night Football and the reverberations have not been fully fleshed out yet. Leonard Floyd, the Bills’ outside linebacker that sacked Aaron Rodgers during the Jets’ fateful fourth scrimmage play on the Jets gameday, is a name few outside upstate New Yorkers remember. Buffalo has always been on the periphery of recent NFL history. It’s too early to predict how quickly Rodgers’ injury will create a butterfly effect, but based on Sunday’s result, it’s painfully obvious that eventually, the Jets will desperately reach for an above average quarterback placeholder who can give them a fighting chance this season, and more importantly in the postseason.Overtime is like a box of chocolatesIn January of 2022, the Bills participated in one of the most electrifying

in NFL playoff annals during the final seconds of their Divisional Round matchup against Kansas City. Ultimately, Travis Kelce’s overtime touchdown catch prompted an overhaul of playoff overtime rules in favor of ones that would have given the Bills a chance to match Kansas City’s offensive score.


concussions changed the game

— that’s all I have to say about that

In Week 3 of the 2022 season, Tua Tagovailloa’s head bounced off the turf leading him to wobble off the field. Tagovailoa blamed his stumble on the sideline resting against his back. Tagovailoa’s second dribble off the turf on Thursday Night Football caused him to unconsciously tense up, leading to enhanced concussion protocol. It’s true that miracles do happen. Hamlin’s collapse and the 15-minute period when medics performed the life-saving procedures to resuscitate Hamlin was the most traumatizing NFL experience that has been broadcast on national TV since Lawrence Taylor accidentally broke Joe Theismann’s tibiae and fibulae on November 18, 1995. The last time that the NFL watched in awe as someone’s life was on the line was 16 years ago when Bills tight-end Kevin Evert’s was saved

by the team. After Hamlin was released from a lengthy hospital stay, the status of his health became fodder for some of the most unhinged corners of the internet-aka the App Formerly Known as Twitter.

You’ve got to put the past behind you before you can move onIn a more trivial development, the Minnesota Vikings shattered Buffalo’s nearly 30-year-old record for the largest comeback in NFL history during Week 15 against Indianapolis. The impact of the ills deal on the world stage is far greater. If Trump had been allowed to buy the Bills there was a good chance that his corruption would have been contained within the NFL. It’s possible that the world’s axis could have been swung by the NFL’s choice to sell the franchise instead to a notoriously scheming billionaire. It would be a simple trolley problem to solve if we had a time-machine. The Bills would be a simple sacrifice to make for the greater good. The arc of the universe is long and it bends towards jest.We’re all just floating around accidental-like on a breeze

When the Buffalo Bills make a football play or a football personnel decision, a hurricane forms in the Atlantic. Bill Belichick’s text message to Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll can change the way that entire league conducts business. Bill Belichick sent a text message to Brian Flores three days before his interview with the New York Giants for their head coaching position. The text read: “I hear that Buffalo & NYG have confirmed that you are the man.” A few moments later, Belichick realized that he had texted the wrong Brian, and awkwardly replied, “Sorry – I messed this up.” I misread the message after double checking. I believe they’re naming Brian Daboll. Sorry about that. It doesn’t really matter that Belichick was being Machiavellian when he threw the Giants in the dirt and unintentionally entangled the Miami Dolphins. The first paragraph of Belichick’s class action discrimination suit against NFL is the accidental text Belichick sent to Flores, instead of Bills’ Daboll. Former NFL Network reporter Jim Trotter

‘s lawsuit

features extracts from the damning remarks allegedly made Dallas Cowboys owners Jerry Jones and Pegula. The Buffalo Bills, for better or worse, are always in the middle of something. They may not start it, but Buffalo is always in the middle of something.Follow DJ Dunson on X: @