Thailand court denies bail to prominent protest leader Arnon Nampa


The charges against him stemmed from a speech he delivered during pro-democracy protests in October 2020, where he called for open discussions on the power and political role of the Thai monarchy. In denying bail the court cited Arnon’s serious charges. It claimed that his actions undermined Thailand’s democratic system because he disagreed with the role of the king at the top of the political structure. The court also indicated concern Arnon may try to evade the legal process.

Arnon’s defense lawyer, Krisadang Nutcharus, expressed intentions to appeal the decision and pursue the case to the Supreme Court if necessary. Arnon is expected to remain in custody for the duration of the legal proceedings. The bail decision will take several days. Arnon’s refusal to be released on bail is part of Thailand’s conservative establishment’s efforts to suppress protest leaders. Thai Lawyers for Human Rights claim that the lese-majeste laws has played a key role in criminalizing criticisms of the monarchy. Since the 2020 protests, many individuals have been charged under the law.