Survivors of Pylos migrant boat sinking file criminal complaint, demand investigation


The survivors are also demanding a thorough investigation into the causes of the sinking and the authorities’ response. In June, near the Greek city Pylos, an migrant vessel sank. At least 82 people died. Concerns have arisen due to disparities between the accounts provided by official authorities and those of the survivors, The coast guard asserted that the vessel had refused assistance, while survivors have said

the opposite in interviews with human rights organizations.None of the survivors have been summoned by authorities to provide testimony for the past three months, according to their representatives.

Human rights organizations representing the victims include the Greek Council for Refugees, the Hellenic League for Human Rights, and Refugee Support Aegean. The plaintiffs claim that Greek authorities did not respond quickly and rescue all survivors. They allege that Greek authorities were alerted from the outset about the overcrowding on the fishing vessel, which was already beset with certain issues apart from overcrowding.Furthermore, the plaintiffs add that authorities opted to tow the vessel, resulting in its sinking, instead of rescuing survivors upon reaching it.Several organizations have already demanded an unbiased and thorough inquiry into the circumstances of the shipwreck. Among these organizations are the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe, the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament and Human Rights Watch.

In 2014, the European Court of Human Rights

addressed a similar maritime disaster near the Greek coast In that instance, following the sinking of a vessel near Farmakonisi, the court condemned Greece for its lack of effort in the rescue of those drowning.