Seth Meyers Spots The Moment That Perfectly Encapsulates George Santos


“Late Night” comedian Seth Meyers on Wednesday mocked serial liar Rep. George Santos’ (R-N.Y.) swerving of reporters’ questions over new charges he faces for allegedly stealing the IDs of campaign donors and using their credit cards for unauthorized charges.

Santos told journalists asking him for comment in the halls of Congress that he had “no clue” about the superseding 23-count indictment “because I did not have access to my phone.”

The lawmaker said that, though, while holding a phone.

“Nothing sums up George Santos more than claiming he didn’t have access to his phone, while talking on his phone,” said Meyers.

“Not having access to your phone is such a lame excuse,” the comedian added. Meyers said that Santos’ claim of not having access to his phone while talking on the phone was a lame excuse.