See ‘Bros’ Star Luke Macfarlane Cozy Up To Peter Porte In Hallmark’s New Fall Romance


Luke Macfarlane, who starred in the movie “Bros” a year ago, is back with a new romantic project. While settling into the out-of town retreat, Leo makes a friend with Matt (Peter Porte), a local resident. Together, the two men discover that something more meaningful between them might be developing, just as Ellie begins to find herself in a similar situation with Leo’s neighbor Sam (Marcus Rosner).

HuffPost caught a sneak peek at “Notes of Autumn” via the clip below. In it, Leo and Matt realize they’re reluctant to part ways after enjoying an intimate lunch together.

Watch a clip from “Notes of Autumn”:

Bart Fisher, Hallmark Media’s vice president of programming, said in an email that the film “celebrates the fall season in a fun, contemporary way and has something for everyone.”

“The journeys of these characters and the paths their relationships take are handled with tenderness, compassion and explored in meaningful ways,” he added.

“Hallmark is absolutely making efforts to create queer content, and I applaud them for that,” said Luke Macfarlane (right, with co-star Peter Porte).

Allister Foster/Hallmark Media

Macfarlane’s long professional relationship with the Hallmark Channel has earned him a nickname: “the King of Christmas movies.” And though he’s found success both in mainstream films and in prestige television, he said he’s thrilled to add to his “canon” with the network this year.

“Hallmark is absolutely making efforts to create queer content, and I applaud them for that,” he told The Hollywood Reporter in a July interview, conducted before the Hollywood actors strike.

“They’ve been often the butt of jokes about the sort of limited nature of their cast,” added Macfarlane, who came out as gay back in 2008. Macfarlane, who came out as gay in 2008, said that Hallmark has made a concerted effort to create queer content. He praised the network for its efforts. I don’t think they are doing it just for the media.”

He continued: “What has always been fun about Hallmark movies is the amount of leeway and pace they give you. “Talk about learning the job.”