Samsung May Have Leaked Its Upcoming Galaxy Ring in Its Wearables App


Photo: Jack Skeens (Shutterstock)

Samsung may have given away its “one more thing” too soon. Korean Samsung Users found Icons depicting a ring that you would wear this week on your finger, in the Galaxy Wearable App. Since the discovery,

to track periods, and the body temperature is taken into account. It seems like the perfect use for a smart band. But this is familiar territory for Samsung, as it’s been exploring the idea of a smart ring since at least 2015. There’s even a patent filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), adding credence to this random ring asset floating around Korean forums. 9to5Google found additional evidence of the Galaxy Ring. The code sleuths at the site confirm that the Galaxy Wearable App’s “Galaxy Ring”, a name referring to a particular product, is a reference. The app contains “strings about Bluetooth connectivity”, which are specific to the Galaxy Ring. This includes evidence of prompts that show up when you sync data between devices. Leaks can be fun to follow because they provide breadcrumbs that lead to the future. Samsung’s smart ring launch is exciting, as it could make this category mainstream and encourage more competition. The Oura ring is the only smart ring that has gained widespread recognition.

is largely unchallenged. A Samsung smart ring will sync with Samsung Health which can share data with Android apps such as Google Fit and Strava. Samsung offers a variety of sleep tracking features, which I’m certain are helpful and informative for determining how you sleep. I would not know any of this because I cannot sleep with a watch. I am excited about the advent of smart rings, if only to get some aggregated information on why I wake in a pool every morning.