RNC Chair Spots ‘Great Opportunity’ For GOP Candidates Following Hamas Attack


We’re seeing this not only with the war in Ukraine and an emboldened China, but now with an attack on Israel.” We’re seeing this not just with the war in Ukraine and with an emboldened China, but now with an attack on Israel.”

McDaniel’s comments arrive after Hamas launched a multi-front attack on Israel that involved the firing of thousands of rockets from Gaza in moves that left hundreds of people dead.

Right-wing figures have also claimed this weekend that Iran used the money to aid Hamas in its attack on Israel, Mediaite noted.

Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin told the network that the $6 billion, linked to a prisoner exchange deal with Iran this year, is “still currently held in a Qatari bank account with U.S. Treasury oversight.”

White House National Security Spokesperson Adrienne Watson

that “not a single cent from these funds has been spent, and when it is spent, it can only be spent on things like food and medicine for the Iranian people.”

McDaniel, elsewhere in the interview, declared that the attack “is falling squarely on the shoulders of Joe Biden” and also referred to “unexpected events” that can have an impact on political campaigns.

“There is no question that Americans, who are feeling less safe at home economically — certainly on the streets with crime rising — but now are saying, ‘He’s not only a failure domestically, he’s a failure when it comes to foreign policy, and our country is less safe, because we have such a weak leader in Joe Biden,'” McDaniel said.wrote in a social post