Randy Arozarena’s mom’s opening pitch was straight gas


Randy Arozarena’s mom, Sandra Gonzalez, threw out the first pitch before her son’s playoff opener against the Rangers.
Image: Getty Images

A player’s mom throwing the first pitch at an MLB game, what a sweet story. The story of her mother’s first MLB game is a sweet one. She is a proud mom who is able to watch her son in action. Sandra Gonzalez turned her moment of heartfelt emotion in the spotlight into an impressive showcase. Can the Rays make it through the season without Wander Frano? | Agree to Disagree

they throw it from the front of the dirt. Sandy put her foot on the rubber, and blasted the ball across the home plate without taking a single step. She tossed it so casually that I’m led to believe she can bring some heat with a 4-seamer.While Randy has been in the MLB for five years, his mother has not been able to see him play. He left Cuba in 2015, and settled in Mexico. He will become a Mexican citizen in 2022. His mother arrived in Mexico in 2017 but was unable to get a visa

to see her son in the United States. The person who gave Randy the gift of playing baseball was the best choice to open the Rays 2023 postseason. I’m curious how Sandra

will do at the plate during a pregame batting session. Maybe she will come to the States next year and pitch in her son’s home run competition. She has the arm, control and confidence to pitch in front of the playoff crowd.