Ramaswamy Interview Gets Awkward In A Hurry As He Repeatedly Ducks Trump Question


Vivek Ramaswamy, the Republican presidential candidate on MSNBC Wednesday night, had a moment of awkwardness when he appeared either unable or unwillingly to explain his past criticisms of Donald Trump. Mehdi Hasan, the host of Mehdi Hasan’s show on MSNBC asked Ramaswamy to explain a tweet he sent in January 2021 that called Trump’s actions “

“. Ramaswamy wrote the tweet a week after Trump’s supporters had attacked the U.S. Capitol and attempted to stop the certification the electoral votes that would make Joe Biden president. Hasan asked Ramaswamy what Trump did on that day he found “downright abhorrent”.

He refused to answer, even after being repeatedly asked. Hasan said, “You’re avoiding the question,” after the first try failed. “What did Donald Trump do, in your view, that was ‘downright abhorrent’?” downright abhorrent“No, I’m not avoiding your question,” Ramaswamy said, then he avoided the question.

“Unless you’re scared of him, why won’t you say what he did that was ‘downright abhorrent’?” Hasan asked. “It’s a simple question. Your words. “I want you answer my question. Three times, I asked the question. What was it that Donald Trump did that you found ‘downright horrifying’? Your words. “

I questioned

on his old tweets and writings criticizing Trump. It got heated.


— Mehdi Hasan (@mehdirhasan)