Phone as Webcam: Android 14 Has New Tricks Up Its Sleeve


Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

As the Pixel 8/8 Pro nears its debut, so does the eventual launch of the next version of Android. Google usually plans software updates around the launch of new phones. This week, Google released the Android QPR1 Beta 10 which is essentially a dress rehearsal for the OS. The new build has been analyzed by code sleuths to find out what’s coming. The ability to use your phone as a webcam with a computer or laptop is one of the most exciting features. It’s similar to the way the new iPhone15 connects to a Mac. Apple’s iOS devices can do this wirelessly with Continuity camera on the Mac.Is Google’s New $1800 Pixel Phone Worth it? | Gizmodo Review

looked at the feature more closely yesterday, though you can try it out now by running the latest Android 14 beta on a compatible Pixel device. When you plug in a USB C Cable, the option will appear in the notification shade. Tap it to activate the camera tethering feature, which allows you to switch between the front- and rear facing cameras as well as between 1x or 2x digital zoom. 9to5Google reported that the Pixel 7 Pro does not have the option to use the built-in lens. This is disappointing. This is exactly the type of feature you would want to use, which is why it was such a big deal when Apple announced this for the iPhone 15 Series. Once this feature is available to everyone, you can use the Android webcam if you find yourself in a tight spot. 9to5Google tested the Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 6 Pro, but not the Pixel Fold. I tried to make it work on a Pixel 5 using the latest beta version,

without success. Other minor features that are part of Android 14 will make Android users’ lives easier. Google Pixel fold

, for example, will feature some new software tweaks to make the experience more fluid when you move between the front screen and the inside screen. After closing the Pixel Fold, you can choose whether or not to keep an app open on the coverscreen rather than have it dormant and closed in the background. Samsung’s GalaxyZ Fold has a greater appeal because it does this with its Android version. Google has added a repairmode that will hide your most sensitive data from repair technicians. The new will also be similar to iOS 16 customization features. Google will even bring back the option to add widgets on the lock screen.