Pat McAfee needs to be held accountable for his hypocrisy


During his weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, vocal anti-vaxxer Aaron Rodgers took a shot at Travis Kelce for appearing in a PSA encouraging people to get both their COVID boosters and flu shots, referring to him as “Mr. Pfizer.”

McAfee laughed pretty hard at the joke, saying during a later show that part of that is because he was thinking about the reaction Rodgers would get online, which he certainly did get. Rodgers clearly craves attention and I am giving it to him. I don’t want to be the one to police jokes. Aaron Rodgers, who has appeared on The Pat McAfee show every week for the past two years, has repeatedly and non-jokingly spread misinformation about the COVID vaccines

. McAfee has never reacted to this. McAfee’s and Hawk’s 2021 interview had me wondering if this was what the Green Bay Packers locker room was like all those years. It’s not unreasonable to ask McAfee to stop acting as Aaron Rodgers PR team. It was a good joke. Ty Schmit, another member of the show speculated that Rodgers was making the joke out of jealousy because Kelce is (allegedly) dating Taylor Swift. Or because he appears in State Farm advertisements. But not in front of Rodgers. He doesn’t believe in Rodgers’ reasoning for not being vaccinated but he just lets Rodgers say whatever he wants without questioning anything. He doesn’t agree with Rodgers, but he lets him say whatever he wants. I don’t know what to say about that. This is incredible for a mid-day show. The highest ratings are usually received when a show debuts, and then they tend to decline and even out over time. It’s strange to see a traditional medium collide with a newer one. The format and presentation haven’t changed. It’s like a late night talk show host making a joke about the TikTok phenomenon.