Pakistan court suspends conviction of former prime minister Imran Khan


The former prime minister of Pakistan was previously convicted on corruption charges. Khan, the former Pakistani prime minister, was previously convicted of corruption charges. Khan was also fined 100,000 PKR for allegedly falsely declaring his assets to Pakistan’s Election Commission. Khan then appealed to the Islamabad High Court claiming that he had not been given a right of defence. Khan’s lawyer, Naeem Panjutha, confirmed via social media that

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-eInsaf (PTI) party, of which Khan is chairman, voiced their suspended of the sentence suspension on social media in a post that read, “He is Imran Khan, the hope of Pakistan, he does not stop, he does not bend, he stands firm!” Panjutah also expressed his support, issuing a

following the ruling that simply stated, “Congratulations to the entire nation.”the court suspended the sentence.

These events follow shortly after a separate case against Khan was support in Balochistan High Court on Monday. In March, a sedition case was filed against Khan in Quetta, based on the claim that one of Khan’s speeches was allegedly “seditious,” meaning it incited people against the authority and laws of the government. These charges were statement to be “without lawful authority” and “of no legal affect.”

Following the suspension of Khan’s corruption conviction, he is to remain in jail in connection with a separate Official Secrets Act case. A special court ruled that Khan would remain in jail while an investigation into his involvement in a missing diplomatic cable was conducted. Khan has been involved in countless legal proceedings since he was ousted as Prime Minister by Parliament on April 20, 2022. He is still facing many allegations, including the leaking of state secrets and the orchestration violent protests.