OpenAI Launches ChatGPT Enterprise For Businesses


Photo: Vitor Miranda (Shutterstock)

OpenAI has launched ChatGPT Enterprise, which it says is specifically designed for businesses. In a blog published on Monday, the company stated that they believe AI can enhance and assist every aspect of working life and make teams more productive. Why are AI companies being sued? Future Tech

a lot of hubbub lately about how AI will radically change various industries and OpenAI clearly wants to be the leader of the pack when it comes to effecting that change. This latest version of the Chatbot promises improved data privacy and security, faster response times, and more content customization options. The chatbot’s latest version is said to excel at data analysis – one of the most marketable features on the platform. It’s not clear what you will have to pay to get Enterprise. OpenAI’s website only has a “Contact Sales” button. It makes sense that the platform is priced differently depending on how big your business is. Gizmodo has reached out to OpenAI and we will update the story if they respond. Enterprise is the third version of the ChatGPT chatbot. The first was the

original ChatGPT which is available for free but is not considered to be a optimal

asset. And the second is ChatGPT+ which launched in February. It is a subscription-based version of the ChatGPT chatbot which promises a better experience to users and gives them early access to new features. Enterprise now appears to be building off what Plus started, and is also clearly trying to fill in some gaps in UX that the company has previously been criticized for.The bottom line is that OpenAI needs to make money. The company has achieved worldwide fame for its uncanny platform. However, it will not be worth anything if OpenAI cannot figure out a way to make money from the product.