Ohio top court dismisses challenges to congressional maps


The Supreme Court of Ohio granted motions to dismiss two challenges to congressional maps on Thursday, upholding the use of maps that have previously been deemed unconstitutional.

Both motions were filed on Tuesday by petitioners contending that the maps were drawn with unfair partisan bias. In Neiman V. LaRose and League of Women Voters of Ohio V. LaRose the court dismissed one case. Both lawsuits were filed soon after the Ohio Redistricting Commission had approved Republican-created maps of Congress on March 2, 2022. Ohioans will need to act quickly if they want a finalized map for the 2024 elections. According to the motion, the petitioners believe that a dismissal “is the best result under the circumstances for the people of Ohio who deserve certainty about the congressional map that they will be voting under in this cycle, at the very least.” However, they also noted that under Article XIXof the Ohio Constitution, the map must be redrawn after the 2024 election.

Counsel for the League of Women Voters of Ohio expressed similar rationale in their motion to dismiss. It reads:

Litigation regarding redistricting plans is often a protracted process, and in this case has already required two rounds of decisions by this Court…Ohioans have borne the considerable costs and frustration of years of districting disputes, with each round of map-drawing and litigation generating additional confusion and concern about the fairness of their representation. The US Supreme Court’s ruling in Moore V. Harper in June rejected the theory of an “independent legislative” and slowed down the process. The Supreme Court of Ohio’s July 2022 ruling that the map in question was “

unfairly favor

Republican Party and unfavor Democratic Party” has been vacated.