Low maintenance garden ideas for busy homeowners


Everyone enjoys a beautiful garden, but maintaining it takes time and effort. The following 5 tips will help you make the most out of your garden in the summer months if you are busy. If you are ready to renovate your garden, ask a gardener for a quote. Low maintenance plants

You can’t have flowers in your garden! Greenery adds colour to your garden and helps you create an atmosphere of natural beauty. Plants can be difficult to maintain. There are many low-maintenance options available for those who don’t have a green finger. Here are a few tips for you to follow:

Limit how many different kinds of plants you have in your garden (under five varieties), as this will reduce maintenance time

Opt for perennials that don’t need to be replanted every year, such as evergreen shrubs and flowers like Dianthus and Echinacea

  • Choose from this list of low-maintenance plants to cut back on gardening time: succulents, pothos, yucca, lavender, agave, spider plant, peace lily, or daylilies
  • Mulch your plants to lock in moisture and reduce the need for watering. Mulching protects the roots and helps to reduce weed growth.
  • While these tips can help you to cut back on garden maintenance, you will still need to provide your plants with some tender loving care. This includes watering, fertilizing, pruning and checking for pests and diseases. Speak to a gardener today to request a quote.


Get rid of your grass lawn

One of the most time consuming aspects of any garden is the lawn. You have two options to reduce maintenance. You can either:

Picture of flowers in a flower bed near wooden decking

Convert your grass lawn into either artificial grass or Astro turf Extend your garden’s hard space by turning your grass lawn into a deck, paving, gravel or a patio

Both of these options will allow you to remove the need to regularly mow, fertilise and maintain your lawn.

  1. Speak to one of our tradespeople today to get started:
  2. Want to keep your natural grass lawn? Why not hire a lawn care service to tend your lawn for you?


Choose low maintenance landscaping materials

If you’re thinking of getting a garden deck or patio, you’ll want to consider materials, as some are higher maintenance than others.

Picture of a garden lawn

For example, wood tends to be more time consuming as it needs to be regularly sanded and stained. On the other hand, composite is a very low maintenance landscaping material as it’s long-lasting and doesn’t require any treatments. Or, if you’re thinking of getting garden paving, we recommend low-absorbing materials like granite and porcelain. You can save time by using these materials to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning and scrubbing. Decided on your low-maintenance garden design? To get started, request a quote.


4. Outdoor lighting is important. Lighting can increase the security of your garden, expand your outdoor living area, enhance mood and ambience, and add aesthetic and functional features. You can also use them to highlight specific landscaping features in your garden such as trees or water features. You can choose from:

Solar-powered lights

Spotlights (also known as floodlights)

Pathway lighting

Picture of a garden patio with chairs

Timer and smart lighting

Motion-activated lights

String or fairy lights

  • By choosing weather resistant, solar powered and timer activated light you will be able to completely remove any maintenance on your part. You could opt for:
  • Solar-powered lights
  • Spotlights (also known as floodlights)
  • Pathway lighting
  • Timer and smart lighting
  • Motion-activated lights

String or fairy lights

By choosing weather resistant, solar powered and timer activated lights, you can completely remove any maintenance on your part, as the lights will recharge themselves, switch on and off according to how you pre-set them, and have a long lifespan thanks to their durability. Speak to an electrician today to find the right outdoor lighting for you.

Picture of garden lighting by path


5. Get someone to do your garden maintenance for you!

If you do want a large lawn, lots of different flowers and plants, water features, irrigation systems, hedges and other high maintenance garden features, then why not simply hire a garden maintenance specialist to do all these jobs for you?

You can request a quote today by clicking on the link below:

Picture of a garden with patio and lawn and wooden garden furniture


When it comes to low upkeep garden projects, always opt for long lasting and durable flowers and materials that won’t take up a lot of your time and that will allow you to enjoy your garden, year round. You can enjoy a relaxing garden without the hassle of maintenance. What are you waiting for? Invest now and save time in the future!