Late night hosts announce joint podcast to support staff during strikes


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On Tuesday, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, John Oliver, Jimmy Fallon, and Jimmy Kimmel announced a new podcast called Strike Force Five

— a daily, hour-long venture aiming to raise money for their staff during the ongoing writers’ strike.Here’s a quick transcription of the 30-second teaser above:Stephen Colbert: “One more time, Jimmy. “

Jimmy Fallon: “Hi, I’m Jimmy Fallon–“

SC: “Stephen Colbert. “

Jimmy Kimmel : “I am Jimmy Kimmel. When you said Jimmy I thought you meant me Jimmy but you meant Jimmy Jimmy. “

SC “I always mean to you. “

JK “But who do you mean when you say Seth Meyers? “

SC “I meant John Oliver. “

JK”: “That’s logical. “

JF “The five us together for an hour or so a day. Subscribe to our podcast now. Seth Meyers says: “Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. “

John Oliver: “But Spotify, you fucks. There is not much information about what the five will be discussing each day. But with the first episode airing Wednesday, we won’t need to wait too long to learn more. Importantly all proceeds — which are coming via sponsorship from the Ryan Reynolds-owned budget telecoms company Mint Mobile and George Clooney’s former tequila company Casamigos — will be used to support out of work late show staff (none of the late shows have been running since May, when the Writers Guild of America first went on strike).

Strike Force Five

is available on Spotify, with the first episode launching Aug. 30.