Kylie Jenner Slammed For Posting And Deleting Instagram Story In Support Of Israel


Page Six reports that Kylie Jenner posted an Instagram story on Saturday in support of Israel after a deadly Hamas attack over the weekend. The caption reads: “SHARE if you stand with the people of Israel as they face one the most frightening situations in many years.” The original post of Jenner’s

Instagram story reads: “SHARE if we stand with Israel in this most terrifying situation for many years.” Hamas militants launched rockets from Gaza at Israel, the first surprise attack

in Israel’s history. The attack killed hundreds of Palestinians as well as Israelis. Even though she deleted the post, many social media users called for her millions to unfollow.

Others reportedly with Palestinian flags, and some users on X, formerly Twitter, criticized her for having “no idea” about the Israel-Palestine conflict.“Wtf @KylieJenner Everyone needs to unfollow #KylieJenner please!!!! #Palestine,”

.deleted the post “#KylieJenner does not know what’s going on between #Isreal & #Palestine.” Celebrities should condemn war crimes that are occurring on both sides.

Kylie’s support for Israel is insane, especially when Bella Hadid has been a long-time advocate for Palestine.— ri7 is a slut! (@jmzseok). Jenner’s representatives have not responded to HuffPost’s comment request. The beauty mogul is yet to publicly address removing her original post. Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, called for the evacuation of civilians from Gaza after Hamas launched an unprecedented attack. “Israeli citizens, we are at War,” he is reported to have said in a broadcast message. This is not an operation or an escalation. It is war. We will win. Hamas will be punished in an unprecedented way.”