Kyle Shanahan trusted Jake Moody a little too much and he got burned


As has become a common sight, the Cleveland Browns wore their brown pants to ruin a victory that they were in a prime position to win against one of the NFL’s last unbeaten teams. The San Francisco 49ers, however, matched their stercoraceous late decision-making. Brock Purdy had a terrible slump up until San Fran’s last possession. However, Mr. Was Kyle Shanahan’s biggest mistake Trey Lance? Agree or Disagree

Kicking is one of the most difficult repetitive-motion tasks on the planet and the farther away attempts are, the tougher they get. Moody was sped up by a Cleveland Brown, which didn’t help. If that kick was a few more yards closer, the ball would likely go through.

In an inch-by-inch game, every yard counts. Money that is scared doesn’t make any money. Purdy was struggling for most of the afternoon but had just completed a 52 yard drive. The analytics say that 40 yard field goals are most prudent, but the Niners had approximately 45 seconds to push themselves 10 yards closer and a timeout remaining.

Even Justin Tucker misses nearly 20 percent of his kicks from beyond 40 yards. Moody’s predecessor Robbie Gould was one of the most accurate kickers in NFL history (

), but he also missed about a quarter his career attempts. The Niners should have trusted a veteran instead of a rookie who has never faced pressure before in NFL waters. The kicker is more susceptible to mistakes that occur in large groups than any other position. Moody is Shanahan’s third-round pick, and the highest-drafted rookie

in Tampa Bay since the Roberto Aguayo Affair. He was highly touted as automatic between 40 and 49 yards, where he drilled 10-of-13 kicks attempts in his final two seasons at Michigan.

However, inside 40 yards, he was nearly an immaculate 38-for-39. For kickers who are league average, the sweet spot is between 30-35 yards. San Francisco learned a lot from this experience. Purdy passed only 125 yards, with a touchdown and his first interception, but by the time regulation ended, he had found a rhythm. Murphy’s Law is a factor when kickers arrive late to make clutch kicks. It is likely that anything that can go wrong will. Coaches should trust that their offense will get enough yards in the remaining time to be able to kick a gimme. He put behind him the first 57-minutes, and then he imposed himself on Jim Schwartz’s vicious pressure defence. Kickers should only be used as a last resort, and not to make easy money. Purdy will be the cornerstone of this team moving forward. They’ve got trust him with their fates.