Kosovo police carry out raids amid renewed violence and unrest with Serbia


The renewed violence between Kosovars, and Serbians started this past Sunday after the Diocese Raska-Prizren announced that a group masked men with an armored car broke through a gate and stormed Banjska Monastery. In response to the attack, the pilgrims of the monastery were forced to lock themselves in while the masked men engaged the police in a shootout. Albin Kurti, the Prime Minister of Kosovo, posted on

or Twitter that a policeman had been killed and another injured in an attack against a monastery

. Kurti said that the attack on the monastery was carried out by

. Jelal Svechla posted what he said was a receipt from a grenade-launcher that Kurti claimed to have seized in the monastery. Svechla claimed the receipt is a “certificate that the Serbian army gave to the X.”The Diocese of Raska-Prizren, custodians of the Banjska Monastery, describes itself as a Serbian Orthodox Church. The diocese rejected the prime minister’s characterization of the attack as perpetrated by Serbs and instead suggests the attack was perpetrated by Albanian extremists.Following the attacks, Milan Radoicic, the vice-president of the Serbian List, Serb minority political party in Kosovo, claimed responsibility for the attack. Radoicic resigned as the vice-president for the Serbian List after announcing that he had personally prepared all logistical arrangements to defend the Serbians against the occupiers. Kosovo Police released a video showing them raiding Radoicic’s home. Reuters reported the US is monitoring a ‘large Serbian force’ along the Kosovo border.