Kari Lake predicts GOP will ‘unite’ around Trump: ‘He’s dominating’


Kari Lake, former Arizona governor and a staunch supporter of the former president Trump, told reporters on Sunday that she believes the Republican Party will eventually unite around Trump in the presidential election of 2024, but she emphasized she hopes they do so quickly. In an interview with Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures, Lake cited Trump’s double-digit lead over his rivals in the polls. She also said that Americans wanted a candidate who had a track record of success. “I believe, eventually, Republicans will come together around President Trump.” Lake stated that “he’s dominating – if you take a look at the polls, no one can touch him.” She continued by dismissing the GOP primaries debate that included top GOP candidates, other than Trump, but noted Trump had already shown the American people what kind of candidate he will be. Trump decided to skip the Republican debate, and questioned the reason why he would be on stage with the other candidates when no one else came close to him according to any recent poll. “I mean, it was fun and cute. But let’s be honest. They want someone who they already know can do the job. President Trump has already done his job. The economy was the best I’ve ever seen. Everyone was doing well. The border was secured. Bidenomics, if that is what he calls his policies, has left people nearly bankrupt. “Americans of all backgrounds are tired of this. They want Trump back. She said, “I think the Republican Party is going to unite behind him sooner or later so that we can defeat Joe Biden.” All rights reserved.

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