Jake Tapper Laughs At Nikki Haley’s Republican Chaos Spin To Her Face


CNN’s Jake Tapper wasn’t having it.

“Well, I’ll tell you what’s right is under the Biden administration, we’ve seen chaos within…” Haley, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, told Tapper on Sunday’s broadcast of “State of the Union.”

Tapper interrupted and while chuckling said: “You can’t blame that on Biden. You can’t blame this on Biden.”

“Well, you have to let me finish,” Haley responded, before riffing on the same theme. She claimed, “You can’t fix Democrat chaos with Republican chaos” and said that Republicans “need to get it together.”

“They need to get in a room and figure out who this is going to be and come out unified. Republicans must do this. “This is not a very good look”, she continued. We saw what happened to Israel when they were distracted. We saw what happened to Israel when they were distracted.”

Donald Trump-backed Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) won an internal Republican vote on Friday to become the GOP’s nominee for the job. The entire House may not support him.