It’s 3 months until 2024, and we’re still talking about COVID


It appears that yes, we still do this. By this, I am referring to the COVID. Aaron Rodgers’ and Travis Kelce’s differing opinions on the vaccination are making headlines six months before the four-year anniversary when Rudy Gobert put the world on lockdown.

Will Aaron Rodgers turn the Jets into instant contenders?

after the Kansas City tight end did a flu/booster ad, and Kelce addressed the nickname during Friday’s press availability, pointing out that the sidelined Jets quarterback is employed by Woody Johnson — an heir of the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical company, the same company responsible for vaccinating large swaths of the country. While Kelce attempted to portray himself as being as disinterested as the American public, mentioning J&J suggests the opposite. Both sides are now in agreement: Tthe people who believe science are government pawns and eagerly consuming autism juice. And anti-vaxxers, on the other hand, are quickly becoming doomsday preppers, obtaining the “truth” from the poisoned water. You can mark the tile

if you have former surgeon general Jerome Adams in your BINGO list of unlikely people who would enter into the Taylor Swift, Kelce and Rodgers triangle. In a now-deleted post on X

, Adams wrote:“Player A: Takes unregulated psychedelics, out for season. Player B: Takes FDA approved vaccination, dominates on field, winning team, dating T Swift.

Who cares? How long will we continue to do this? There’s no amount of wit or cheekiness that will convince anyone to change their mind. Stop berating them for being up-to-date against a virus which, despite the fact that half the population believes it is a hoax, still exists. The people who believe it is a hoax, blame China. But by this logic, if COVID was fake, you have no reason to be angry at the Chinese, other than your usual authoritarian behavior. I’m lucky to have an agent of the government controlling my thoughts. At least then, there is no need to try to apply logic to conditions that are either not yet understood or cannot be diagnosed.

Honestly the NFL may have lucked out by having Rodgers injured, as he is currently at his peak of pettiness and has the national platform to go all Eli Cash on ESPN every Tuesday. What is he going do? What about the Jets, then? If he had played Kansas City instead, perhaps the stories would have been centered around his on-field performance, and we wouldn’t be in this Perfect Storm.

I think about it, but I wish I didn’t — like COVID.