Israel dispatch: a day of mourning and resilience follows a day of terror


This dispatch is from Tamar Silam, a law student at the Buchmann Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University. Tamar Silam is a law student at the Buchmann Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University. Hamas launched an attack on Israel yesterday morning at 6:30 am. The ominous sounds of rocket explosions were heard throughout the peaceful city. What at first appeared to be a normal attack from Gaza quickly transformed into the worst nightmare of every Israeli citizen. By 7:35 am, terrorists had entered Israeli territory and were driving motorcycles and vehicles on a terrifying rampage, targeting innocent civilians in the cities of southern Israel. They killed people as they moved from one door to another. The terrorists broke into homes of civilians, took hostages, and killed families with callous disregard for anyone’s life, including women, children, and the elderly. Some of these terror units even drove to a festive gathering, indiscriminately opening fire on all they encountered.

In the aftermath of this terrifying onslaught, parents were left frantically searching for their children, uncertain if they were alive or not. Hamas terror groups continued to hide in Israel’s urban areas, committing a campaign of carnage against civilians. Hamas terror units are still hiding in Israel’s cities, trying to kill more civilians and filming their horrific actions. This is the grim reality of Israel right now. Over 600 people were brutally killed, and more than 2,000 others injured. The perpetrators of these barbaric crimes have called themselves “The Freedom Warriors” – a monstrous misnomer, given that countless videos show them celebrating amidst the bodies of Israelis, including women and children. More than 4,000 rockets were fired from Gaza at Israel with the primary aim of killing civilians. Tragically, lives were lost, including those of children, and entire families were shattered.Presently, in Israel, a sense of frustration and helplessness permeates the atmosphere as people grapple with the gravity of the situation. The unthinkable happened during a Jewish holiday that was supposed to be a time of joy. Every citizen’s worst nightmare became a grim reality, turning a celebration into a day of mourning.

We do not want death, we do not want war, but we won’t let Hamas fire missiles while we spend days in bomb shelters without fighting back.

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