Is your home smart? Smart home technology for connected homes


Smart home automation systems are becoming more popular in recent years. This has led to an increase in smart home appliances on the market. They’re designed to add comfort and give you peace of mind that you can access your home tech from anywhere, even remotely.

Thinking of upgrading to a connected home this year? Read on for our home connection guide and explore our list of the top smart home appliances you can invest in (and how they can benefit you).

What are you waiting for…it’s time to get smart!


How to make your home smart

The first thing you need to do is pick a smart ecosystem. Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit are the most popular smart ecosystems. You’ll need to consider a number of factors before deciding which ecosystem you want. For example, if you have a large collection of iPhones or tablets, Apple Homekit may be the best option, while Google Home might be better if your phone is an android. Simply follow the setup instructions that come with whichever ecosystem you choose.

You’ll be able to control your ecosystem via your smartphone. You can use your smartphone to control your ecosystem. We’ve put together a list below of the best smart home improvements that you can make this year. Smart lighting

Have ever fallen asleep only to realize you had to get up again to turn off the lights? With smart lighting, you can dim or turn off lights with a simple voice command. With smart lighting, you can turn off or dim lights with a simple voice command.

Smart light bulbs come with a range of settings and features, including different coloured lights that can help you create a variety of moods. Smart LED strips can be attached under cabinets, behind TVs, and around the edge of ceilings to create an interesting effect. You can also set up routines such as timers to turn lights on and off automatically at certain times.

Speak to an electrician to find out more about setting up smart lighting in your home.

Picture of an Amazon Alexa personal assistant speaker on wooden table


2. Smart security

Smart tech can also be used to keep you and your property safe. You can, for example, install a smart-doorbell to allow you to view who is approaching your front door on your phone. They also allow you to speak to whoever rings the doorbell, directly from your phone.

Security cameras with smart home tech will also enable you to monitor your home remotely and receive motion alerts. Indoor security cameras can help you keep an eye on your children and pets as well.

By installing smart locks, you’ll be able to lock and unlock your front door using your smartphone, PIN codes, or biometric authentication.

Lastly, advanced security alarms will notify you and the police of a breach. We recommend you invest in window and door sensors for an added layer of security, as these will notify you via mobile phone if someone opens or tampers with an entryway.

Find a local security specialist to improve your home’s defences.

Picture of a hand installing LED light strips below cabinet


3. Smart detectors for your home

Your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are essential safety features. So why not make them smart for added security?

Smart detectors not only trigger alarms, but also send out alerts to your phone and connected devices. Smart detectors can also alert you when you need to replace your batteries or when you are running out of battery power. Smart models will regularly run tests on themselves to ensure they are functioning correctly.

Get yours installed today to give you peace of mind and comfort:

4. Smart thermostats

Smart thermometers allow you to control your heating using your smartphone or tablet. Smart thermostats can be controlled remotely, allowing you to turn on your heating when you get home from work or turn it off if you forget. As well as this, other smart thermostat features include:

Picture of security cameras CCTV surveillance cameras

Multi-room control

Hot water control

Geofencing (to track when you leave and enter your home)

Draught detection

Holiday and safety modes to protect your pipes when you’re away

Picture of a smoke alarm

Data collection and feedback on your heating routines

Keep in mind that smart home thermostats aren’t smart metres, which deal with your gas and electricity readings. Smart thermostats can help you save money by monitoring and controlling when your heating is on and off. They also work with Amazon Echo and Google Home, so you can use voice control for your heating. Smart irrigation

  • Smart systems let you remotely control your garden and water it by using an app. Many smart home models use sensors and local weather reports to determine how much water to release. This allows them to skip a cycle of watering if rain is forecast. You can then create zones in your garden based on how much water each plant needs. It also helps you to save money. Find a local gardener to install your irrigation system. Smart tech appliances
  • Once your ecosystem is set up, you can choose from a wide range of smart appliances to enhance your home. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular options for you to consider, all of which can save you time and add comfort to your life…
  • Smart fridges – use the touchscreen display to create shopping lists, set expiration reminders, and look at the inside of your fridge from your phone
  • Smart home washing machines – can be controlled from your phone, notify you when your washing is done, and regulate water and energy usage depending on the amount of laundry inside
  • Smart dryers – notify you when your laundry has finished drying and allow you to control the dryer remotely
  • Smart home ovens – can be controlled remotely and also offer precision cooking via app

Smart dishwashers – can be controlled remotely and allow you to monitor cycles and detergent levels from your phone

Smart home vacuum cleaners – robotic cleaners can be controlled from your phone, integrate (sometimes) with voice assistants and allow you to create a ‘map’ or route for the hoover to take around your home

Picture of a man adjusting a smart thermostat using his phone

As well as this, you can get a smart toaster, smart coffee machine, smart slow cooker, smart air purifier, smart ceiling fan, smart humidifier, and so much more!

Run your home smoothly and efficiently with the help of smart tech. You may need help installing your smart home appliances. A handyperson can help, just request a quote to get started…


From watering your garden for you to allowing you to check on your pets whilst you’re at work, the benefits of smart technology appliances are endless. You can reduce your energy costs, save time and improve your home security with smart technology appliances. You can upgrade to a connected house this year. Speak to a local tradesperson to get a quote.