Iran cracks down protests on anniversary of Mahsa Amini’s death which sparked ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’ Movement’


The Iranian security forces were

during Saturday’s protests in Kurdish regions. Kurdistan Human Rights Network, a local human rights organization, also reported several arrests that targeted the families and friends of victims of the Woman, Life, Freedom demonstrations. She died after being detained by the Iranian morality police, for alleged violations of mandatory dress codes. Iranian authorities have increased their presence in the wake of Amini’s public commemoration. Despite this, an Iranian opposition group People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran reported that families of detained protesters continued their protests to demand the releases of their family members.cracked downApproaching the anniversary of Amini’s death, several international human rights organisations, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, published reports that human rights violations have intensified in Iran throughout the year in an attempt by the authorities to suppress protests for women’s rights. The Iranian authorities were observed to have suppressed dissidents and activists as well as lawyers and families of those killed in the 2022 protests. This suppression included the forced dismissal of staff from colleges, prosecutions, imprisonments, and executions. A similar statement was also released by the Independent International Fact-Finding Mission (the Fact-Finding Mission), on September 14, 2009. As a member of the Fact-Finding Mission, Viviana Krsticevic said:

“Under international human rights law, the State must respect and ensure the right to seek truth, justice and reparations for victims and their families. And refrain from intimidation harassment or reprisals.” As a Member of the Fact-Finding Mission, Viviana Krsticevic said,

“Under international human rights law, the State must respect and ensure the right to seek truth, justice and reparations of victims and their families and refrain from intimidation, harassment and reprisals.”

Amnesty International has also called upon the international community to exercise their universal jurisdictions under international law to hold the Iranian government accountable for the crimes against humanity that the Iranian authorities have committed. The Fact-Finding Mission is also presenting a comprehensive report at the Human Rights Council’s 55th session, in March 2024.