Hurd: Trump only running ‘to stay out of prison’


Republican presidential candidate and former Rep. Will Hurd (Texas) said Monday that former President Trump is only running for president to avoid being incarcerated.

“The problem that I have with Donald Trump is, is Donald Trump’s not running for president to Make America great again. Hurd stated that Trump was running for President to avoid prison during an interview with NewsNation’s “NewsNation Now With Connell McShane”. Hurd said that Trump is using tax cuts, such as those passed by the GOP in 2017, to boost his image. Hurd responded that his campaign will support the nominee of his party in 2024. Hurd said to McShane: “I am clear, I have supported that philosophy. And recognize that if you want to ensure that we get a GOP candidate that can defeat Joe Biden, and address issues like the problems at border, then we may need to consolidate.” Hurd’s comments come one month after Trump and 18 of his supporters were indicted on charges related to attempts to overturn 2020 election by a Georgia Grand Jury.

Trump announced his third presidential bid in November last year. This year, he has faced three more indictments relating to his business dealings and handling of classified materials, as well as his behavior in the wake of the 2020 elections. The second Republican Presidential debate will take place on Tuesday. Trump will skip the debate to deliver a speech at the United Auto Workers (UAW), which is currently on strike.

Hurd said that working on qualifying to appear on the debate stage, noting that he’s 31 donors away from reaching the 50,000 donor threshold.

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