How to preorder the new AI-powered Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses


Pre-order them now for $299 at Ray-Ban or Meta. Order them for $299 now at Ray-Ban and Meta. The Meta Quest 3 and the new Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses were unveiled at the Meta Connect Event on September 27. The new pair is available for preorder from Ray-Ban and Meta for $299. (Or $329 for Polarized Lenses, or more prescription lenses) They will begin shipping on October 17. The price of $299 is the same as the original Ray-Ban Stories from 2021. The older smart shades cost too much for not enough features. But the newer ones have more and aren’t any more expensive. Meta wanted to move this smart glasses generation beyond the “glorified method of taking photos without having to get your phone out”, adding new features like live streaming on social media, an improved 12 MP camera and better audio.

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The inclusion of Meta AI is the feature that will bring the most versatility to the smart glasses. The Ray-Ban Meta smart glass can answer your voice commands for smart home-like information about the weather, conversions of measurements or restaurant recommendations. A free software update next year will enable the embedded AI assistant literally to see and hear what you are hearing. Want to know the name of that old, huge building you are looking at? Meta will tell you what it is. You can’t read a sign with important directions? Ask Meta to translate. Ask Meta to translate.

Meta wisely did not stray from the recognizable Ray-Ban style, which Mashable’s Alex Perry noted was one of the few good calls made on the 2021 pair. The 2023 pair, on the other hand, is a bit slimmer, lighter, and features a classic Wayfarer style and rounded Headliner. Maybe not, if you have a smartwatch on your wrist or your phone in your hand. But don’t be surprised when you soon find yourself in a situation where a pair of smart glasses sounds really



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