Houston Rockets abandoning decency by trying to trade Kevin Porter Jr.


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Stadium reported Wednesday that the Houston Rockets were looking to trade Kevin Porter Jr. Rockets will even send him several second-round picks. In return, Houston is reportedly looking for a player who can “play immediately.”Is Texas or Florida State a bigger national title contender? You can agree or disagree. Only the next season of Porter’s contract is guaranteed. The problem is that Porter, who has a volatile personality, was arrested recently for felony assault after allegedly attacking his girlfriend

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should know that trying to save Porter is not hospitable. Porter has had plenty of opportunities to clean up his act. But prosecutors say Porter left his girlfriend with a fractured neck vertebra and a deep cut above her right eye.Also, according to Assistant Manhattan District Attorney Mirah Cuzer,

this is not the first incident between Porter and his girlfriend. Cuzer claimed that there was a different incident in which Porter slammed his car into hers.The 23-year-old hoopster pleaded not guilty to felony assault and strangulation

charges. He will get his day in court. Adam Silver stated at the NBA Board of Governors Press Conference, that the Association would be taking their time to gather information

about these allegations against Porter, before making a final decision. Porter’s conduct is the sole reason he isn’t on a contract that is fully guaranteed. While he was playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, he had legal problems. He was accused of committing a violent crime against a female and of flipping a car with a firearm while driving. Porter was cleared of all charges in the second incident. After a temper-tantrum early in 2021, however, the Cavs sold him to the Rockets. His current franchise has suspended him for an altercation with former assistant coach John Lucas.Hopefully, something can be arranged to get Porter the help he needs for his anger, because whatever has been done is not working. At this point, they cannot help him and are done trying. Fertitta wants Porter gone, but he is trying to squeeze every drop of juice from him. Fertitta’s squeezing of Porter is offensive. The juice is not worth it.