Home security guide: what to do before you go on holiday


We’ve compiled a list of security measures you should take to protect your property from theft and break-ins while abroad. Check out our blog for more tips on home security. Or, if you’re ready to start burglar-proofing your home, speak to a skilled tradesperson in your local area today.

Install a security system

It goes without saying that installing alarms and a security system is the best way to be fully armed against potential intruders. Alarm boxes will deter burglars from breaking in while you are away and notify you and police if anyone does. Check out our burglar alarm blog for more information.

Don’t have a burglar alarm? Get one installed before you head on holiday, so you can have peace of mind that your belongings are safe.


Don’t advertise your holiday

Avoid posting on social media that you’re on holiday until you get back, as sharing that you’re away can tip off potential burglars that your home is empty. In particular, avoid sharing details about:

Travel plans

Where you’re going

The duration of your holiday

  • Criminals use social media to search for prime targets to burgle. If you do want to post online, do so privately with close friends and family, or after you get back.
  • Doing so will safeguard your home and ensure you spend your holiday worry-free.
  • Secure all entry points

Just before you leave for your holiday, make sure all of your doors and windows are locked. Consider upgrading your old doors to deadbolts. If you have sliding doors, add bars or dowels to strengthen them and stop them being forced open. Consider adding a padlock on a manual garage or a smart garage opener you can operate from your smartphone. Double checking all entry-points before you leave will give you peace of mind that your home is locked and protected against intruders.

Upgrade your locks today with the help of a local locksmith:


Let your neighbours know

Letting trusted neighbours know that you’re heading on holiday is a really good idea. That way, they can keep an eye on your property or raise the alarm if something doesn’t look right.

If you can, ask them to take any post or parcels that start to collect on your front door step as this can alert intruders that you aren’t home.

In case of an emergency, you should leave contact information with a few neighbours so they can reach you when you’re away.

Switch lights on remotely

Setting timers or controlling your lights remotely is a good way to create the illusion that you’re home even when you’re not. Even if you only switch on the lights twice a week, it will give the impression that your house is occupied. This can deter burglars.

Read more about

using smart technology to protect your home

, or speak to an electrician to set up smart lighting and controls in your home.

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Lock up your valuables

Invest in a safe where you can put your most valuable possessions and documents when you go on holiday. Secure the safe to a floor or wall so it can’t be stolen. This is important in the event that your valuables are stolen. Avoid any disasters from happening and give yourself some peace of mind when abroad by ensuring you prep properly for your departure.Our tradespeople are here to help. Simply request a quote to get started.FIND A LOCAL TRADESPERSON