Federal prosecutors in Trump’s 2020 election interference case request order to prohibit ‘inflammatory’ and ‘misleading’ statements


The case is in the US District Court for the District of Columbia. Rule 57.7 (c) allows a court to issue a special order in “a widely publicized or sensational criminal case” to restrict extrajudicial statements by parties, witnesses, and attorneys that could interfere with the rights of the accused to a fair trial by an impartial jury. In a highly publicized criminal case, Rule 57.7 (c) permits a court to issue a special order that prohibits extrajudicial statements made by witnesses, parties and attorneys that could interfere with the accused’s right to a fair and impartial trial. Donald J. Trump’s, Public Statements. I am running for President and I am against an incompetent candidate who has armed the DOJ & FBI to pursue his political opponent, yet I cannot comment? I can’t speak because they leak, lie, and sue, but will allow others to do so? How else would I explain that Jack Smith is DERANGED, or Crooked Joe is INCOMPETENT?

A federal grand jury indicted Trump in this case in August 2023.

Trump has pleaded guilty to []conspiracy of defrauding the US government


conspiracy of obstructing an official proceeding

; obstruction and attempt to obstruct a proceeding official and conspiracy in violation US voters’ civil right. In August, a Georgia state grand jury indicted Trump on 13 criminal charges related to the 2020 elections.