Federal judge finds Rudy Giuliani liable for defaming 2 Georgia election workers


Freeman and Moss claimed that after Georgia election results were released, confirming current President Joe Biden obtained a majority of the votes in the state, Giuliani engaged in a “media offensive” as he was formerly Donald Trump’s re-election team. Freeman and Moss claimed that Giuliani, as a former Trump lawyer, engaged in a media offensive after Georgia’s election results confirmed that current President Joe Biden had won a majority in the state. This was because Giuliani’s legal team failed to provide evidence to the plaintiffs, Freeman and Moss, repeatedly. A jury will determine the damages awarded to Freeman & Moss for the defamation claim. The Fulton County District attorney Fani Willis charged Giuliani in Georgia with 13 criminal charges for pushing a false narrative about voter fraud. In the indictment, it is described how Giuliani conspired with the rest of Trump’s team, including the former president. They also attempted to influence Georgia’s electoral process. Freeman was identified as an election worker in the plan. Freeman was falsely charged in the plan with “ballot stuffing,” and having a criminal history for voter fraud. Giuliani and his team responded to Wednesday’s ruling by saying that Howell’s opinion of 57 pages on discovery issues was unusual and suggested a weaponization justice system for political reasons. Freeman and Moss – mother and daughter – welcomed the ruling, saying that Giuliani defamation had turned their lives into “a living nightmare”. Both claimed they were subjected online hatred because of Giuliani’s actions. The ruling on Wednesday was a “neutral finding” that Freeman and Moss had done nothing wrong.