Ex-DOJ Official Explains Why Trump Gag Order Is ‘Like Failing Kindergarten’


Engoron warned Trump that he would face “serious sanctions” if he broke the order. Engoron warned Trump he would face “serious sanction” if the order was broken. “It’s like failing kindergarten,” he said. But it took a lot of work on his part.” Katyal said that the former president would “almost definitely” violate it. “It’s more likely that he’ll violate the gag order than almost anything.”

Then, he said, the judge will have to decide how to punish Trump — either by another warning, a fine or even putting him in jail, said Katyal.

“Trump is a kind of Voldemort figure who gets his strength by basically attacking institutions,” he added. “Trump is a Voldemort figure who gets his strength by attacking institutions,” he added.