Dwight Howard is still salty as hell



: APAt one point, Dwight Howard was one of the biggest stars in the NBA. Kinda.

Photo: APAt one point, Dwight Howard was one of the biggest stars in the NBA. Howard was an eight-time All-Star, All-NBA and Defensive Player-of-the-Year. He also made five All-Defensive Teams during his career. The Memphis Grizzlies, not the NBA’s Kings of the Ring

The eight-time All-Star and All NBA selection, Howard made five All Defensive teams, and won the award for Defensive Player of the Year three times. In one of his latest posts, Howard threatens to drop 85 points on Team USA for Taiwan

if he isn’t added to his country’s squad. James announced that he would be playing in the 2024 Olympics after Team USA failed to qualify for the FIBA World Cup. Howard is now begging for a share of the action. It’s hard to blame Howard for this when players who are close to his age still get contracts with The Association, despite being less effective. It might not be a good idea to insult someone in a way that is disguised as humour. They’ll decide if you are ready or not. Howard, who is almost 38, could certainly play 15 minutes a night in an NBA team, but they seem to have moved on from him collectively. Superman was the league’s leading rebounder five times during his career. Howard could be brought off the bench by many NBA teams to grab 6-8 rebounds and block some shots. This dream of being on Team USA will also probably never come true. The “threat”, of scoring 85 against his own countrymen, is also a pipe dream. Taiwan

(Chinese Taipei), did not qualify to the Paris games in next summer. It’s possible he will end up in the NBA again, but

trolling won’t help him achieve that goal.