Duet AI, Google Workspace's little helper, is now available to the masses


Duet AI, which was teased at Google I/O in May this year, is now available to all. As part of a series of announcements that came out of Google Cloud Next ’23 conference, the company announced its widespread release of its generative artificial intelligence tool for productivity. Duet AI, Google’s version Microsoft Copilot launched in early 2023.


Google has provided 3 tips on how to use Bard AI’s chatbot more efficiently.

Like Copilot it is a generative AI Assistant that works across Google Workspace’s suite including Gmail Docs Sheets Slides Meet and Google Chat. Duet AI can be used in the Workspace apps to help with generating text, generating new ideas, summing up text, gathering information from emails and calendar invitations, creating charts and images for slides, and generating copies. It’s just like having your own personal assistant gather information from all of your work repositories within seconds. Gmail, Docs, and Google Meet got the most attention when Duet AI was first announced. But today’s post highlights some of its other features, such as the ability to summarize Google Meet conversations. Duet AI is able to take notes, identify action items and save video clips for later review in the video-conferencing application. Duet AI will even deliver your message if you skip the meeting. The tech giant changed its privacy policy in July to reflect that it uses public data to train AI chatbot Bard, and Cloud AI. Google may have used this to retroactively justify its use of publicly-available personal information in order to train their models. A California law firm, in fact, accused Google of illegally doing this in a class-action lawsuit filed in July. Google assures users of Duet AI that their data will be safe. Google said in the post that interactions with Duet AI are private and between you and technology. Google will not use your data for training its models without permission. Duet AI can be tried for free by Google Workspace users up to ten times for a period of 14 days. Beyond that, Google wouldn’t reveal the pricing tiers just yet, but a representative teased that more details would be available later this week.


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