Dog Rescued Unharmed After Getting Stuck For 3 Days In Bear Cave


Just call him Goldilocks. The dog, Charlie, was trapped further along in the cave, past the larger, slumbering bear. The bear, estimated to be about 2 years old and 200 pounds, was “happily sleeping and apparently not too concerned about his ‘cave mate,'” Waldens Creek Volunteer Fire Department said on Facebook.

After consulting with the state wildlife agency, rescuers determined that the safest option was to leave the bear “alone to come out on his own,” the department wrote. They set up a trail camera to keep a lookout in case the large animal exited the dwelling.

When the bear eventually left, a team of people from multiple fire and rescue crews descended far enough down to get to Charlie, put a harness on him and take him to safety.

Following his three days in the cave, Charlie was “dehydrated and hungry, but in otherwise good condition” and was “quickly reunited with his happy owner,” the Waldens Creek Volunteer Fire Department wrote.

“It was definitely a sigh of relief for everybody on scene,” Sevier County Fire & Rescue firefighter Andrew Wojturski told WVLT.

English Mountain is close to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which CNN notes is home to about 1,900 bears.

As for Charlie’s bear in particular, the fire department noted on Facebook that he’s “fine.” Hopefully he’s enjoying having the cave to himself again.