Does your attic room have hidden potential?


The There There are plenty of options for you to choose from!

In other words…does your attic have hidden potential?Read on to learn some of the best ways homeowners around the UK are using their attics, as well as what you need to do to prep your attic room for daily use.And, when you’re ready to get started, simply post a job to request a quote from a skilled tradesperson in your local area.

How can I use my attic?

There are plenty of different ways you could use your underutilised attic space. Your You You Imagine a whole room just for your clothing!

Once you’ve picked how you want to use your attic, you’ll need to assess what condition it’s in, and what work you’ll need to do to turn it into a liveable space…

Assessing your attic

Before you can set up your new gym or guest bedroom, you need to find out what condition your attic is in by getting an assessment done.

  1. This will help you evaluate the current state of your attic and will reveal any hidden issues (such as structural concerns) that you’ll need to address before you can complete any renovation work.
  2. You’ll need to consider:
  3. Access to the attic (built-in staircase, pull-down ladder, etc)
  4. Attic insulation
  5. Potential pest infestations
  6. Potential water stains/damaged roof

New flooring

Picture of an attic bedroom with wooden drawers

Natural light and ventilation

The structural stability of load-bearing walls

A loft conversion specialist will be able to help you understand the condition your attic is in, and the work you’ll need to carry out to turn it into a liveable space. Speak to a skilled tradesperson in your area to get started.


  • How do you renovate an attic?
  • Once you’ve figured out the scope of your project, you’ll be able to get started turning your old, unused attic into a brand new space. A A Speak to a loft conversion specialist to get some advice (and a quote) for your project.
  • How do you decorate your attic?
  • Once you’ve renovated the space so that it’s safe and liveable, you’ll want to decorate it! The Mirror Choose Check Hire a carpenter to create bespoke, custom-built furniture that fits into every nook and helps you maximise your available storage
  • Invest in a range of lighting options such as ambient, accent and task lights that will allow you to create the right mood for your attic
  • Where possible, stick to an open plan layout to prevent your attic feeling cramped. Declutter the space and opt for a minimalistic interior design to help open the room up as much as possible

Whether you’re buying weights for your new gym or measuring shelves for a home library, these are a few tips you can follow to help your attic seem spacious and light, whilst making the most of good storage solutions and hacks.

Speak to a tradesperson today to get help building and installing custom furniture for your attic.


Don’t let your attic sit unused when it could become a beautiful new room in your home! Find Post