Disney Loves a Reboot, but the Daredevil Crew Isn't Keeping the Mask On


Image: Marvel

Did you know that if you just slightly rename a show, it’s still considered a totally new show, and the production company gets to renegotiate contracts? Usually crew members who are with IATSE get full benefits, including vacation, after a show hits its third season. Disney is particularly good at this–and previous reports have seen stars explain that Disney shows got away with paying 88% of the standard rate for the first three season.

And now the company is doing it with Daredevil. Disney+ is using exactly the same characters and actors from the Netflix series. Daredevil: Born Again might be a wink to the origins of these particular on-screen characters, or it might be a way for Disney to avoid paying royalties to the creators of the original show.

Netflix showrunner Steven DeKnight condemned the practice on X, calling on “all the unions/guilds,” presumably meaning SAG-AFTRA, WGA, and IATSE, to ensure protections against this behavior in the future.

Disney’s done it before: The Suite Life of Zack & Cody became The Suite Life on Deck in its fourth season. Hannah Montana got a reboot with Hannah Montana Forever. We’re getting a new season of The Proud Family, Louder and Prouder–15 years after the original The Proud Family ended. DeKnight points out that Disney has a tendency to reboot shows and reset contracts to the “season one” rate. This piece was written in 2023 during the WGA and SAGAFTRA strikes. The media covered in this article would not exist without the work of the writers, actors and other workers currently on strike. Check out when to expect the latest Marvel


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