Deion Sanders questions CU’s heart, forgets where his head was at Thursday


Even in defeat, Deion Sanders is unbeaten. After Colorado’s epic, 29-0 loss to Stanford on Friday against a team that only had one win prior to the game, Buffs head coach questioned if his team was “in love” or “in like” football. Following the 46-43 double OT loss, Sanders made an impassioned plea for his group to match his devotion to the game, yet what was his focus Thursday?Partying with hot babes through 1980s Miami as Dan Marino | Bert Kreischer’s Ultimate Sports Fantasy

“Who is responsible for these games at 8 o’clock? Dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. The stupidest invention ever. Sanders asked, “Who wants to stay awake until 8 o’clock for some stupid game?” What about the East Coast? Do they care about ratings at all? Anyone watching? What should we do with the children all day long until 8 o’clock? What should we do in the hotel?” How dare he discredit Pac-12 After Dark, which is possibly its last year. Sander said on his radio program, “Thank God we’re going to be out of this conference,” referring to CU returning to the Big 12 Conference. Real classy, coach. Colorado’s decision might’ve prompted the dissolution of a 108-year-old conference, but sure, take a cheap shot.

Speaking of dissolving (and cheap shots), how about that 29-0 halftime lead? Scenes from a meltdown.

Credit goes to Stanford for not giving up and refusing to accept a 1-5 record. Ashton Daniels, Stanford’s QB and Elik Ayomanor, his wide receiver partner, went on a tear in the second and first overtime. The receiver had 13 grabs, 294 yards, and three touchdowns after the half. He scored from 97 yards, 60 yards, and 30 yard distances. In the first overtime, he got the ball back behind Hunter’s neck and dragged CU corner to the endzone with his helmet. Hunter, who missed the last few games due to a lacerated organ, returned to the field and enjoyed a great night of offense. He had also 13 catches and 140 yards with two touchdowns, but he was completely exhausted late in the match. Both Sanders — Shedeur and Deion — were very dependent on the two-way star’s talent Friday, and it’s fair to say maybe a little too dependent.

Colorado’s second-half drive chart was a picture-perfect way to blow a lead. The Cardinals started the fourth down on their side of the field, but two of the four first possessions of second half ended with CU downs. The other two were punts.

Sanders’ first fourth-down attempt was sacked by Daniels for 12 yards, giving him a short field to score the team’s first touchdown. The next fourth-down attempt was a complete disaster. Stanford was trailing by 29-19 with 2:06 remaining in the third quarter. The CU quarterback was penalized for intentionally grounding at 21 yards behind line of scrimmage. Stanford now had the ball on the CU 33. They scored eight plays after that. Stanford stayed alive because of Stanford’s miscues and an overreliance on passing. His last attempt, on third and goal from the two, ended in Cardinal hands. The Cardinals won the game with his last attempt on third and goal.