Deion Sanders is about to face his toughest test as a coach


Colorado almost suffered their first loss in the Deion-Sander era, but a friendly match against an outmatched opponent was a reminder of college football’s unpredictable side. The underdogs eventually become the hunters, and fortune can change on a dime. At kickoff, Colorado were a 23-point favorite. It shouldn’t have even been close. Deion Sands and Colorado delivered the biggest upset in CFB Week 1. Colorado was on track to suffer a humiliating defeat a week sooner than expected up until the 59th-minute. Shedeur Sands threw a deep pass to Jimmy Horn Jr., outside the numbers, inside the 15 yard-line, with less than a minute left. Horn, who faked an opposing defensive back by shifting weight to the left and then lurching back to the right to give him a clear route into his endzone, was able to get through after he shifted his weight back to his rights. The ensuing 2-point conversion catapulted both teams into overtime where Colorado took care of business.

wish-casting Coach Prime

as a successor to Nick Saban at Alabama is premature, but he may be coaching his way out into a bigger job. He is the most progressive college football coach of this era. His innovative use of the NIL and transfer portal has revived the Buffaloes’ program, which was in decline. It has also upended the college football establishment. This is a game that depends on recruitment, and recruiting relies heavily on appealing to teens. The coaching acumen, or X’s & O’s, comes second. He is the culmination of unbridled capitalists in college football. Two years ago, wearing social media handles in practice uniforms could have led to a bowl ban. Deion’s gift of sunglasses to Jay Norvell was not acceptable to the NCAA. He would have even been banned from bowls for doing so. Deion would have needed to prove eligibility for most of his Gucci baggage

after transferring from other programs. Sanders, who is 3-0 and his Prime University Buffaloes about to face their Pac-12 crucible. Colorado’s ranking before being served to the ducks speaks volumes about Coach Prime. Colorado’s talent boost has boosted them to Top 25 relevance. However, Oregon and USC have a dozen Travis Hunters. Showdowns with conference powerhouses are often a matter of coaching preparation, game adjustments and a little luck. Shadeur will face the most difficult test outside of the Celebration Bowl in the next two weeks. Colorado State is nothing compared to what they will face next week. The Ducks have dominated their first three opponents with a margin of 137 points. Caleb Williams, the reigning Heisman trophy winner and fifth-ranked USC will be playing next week. Deion tried to promote his son’s Heisman campaign for the past year while Jackson State was still in session. Shedeur Sanders may have had 348 yards of offense and four touchdowns, but they were not accurate. Shedeur Sanders told ESPN’s Stan Verrett that he ” After the win. Colorado will need Shadeur make Brady mode their standard operating procedure. He was not a factor until the final possession, and both overtimes. Shilo

had a greater impact, returning a pick-6 and forcing an fumble in a red zone. Shedeur’s Heisman campaign took a slight blow before his heroics in the final game

against Colorado State improved his legacy. But Caleb Williams, who has started three games, has been flawless. USC Week will be a good gauge for Williams’s rising NFL Draft stock. Colorado State players chirped all night. They had heard the noise, and they came to fight. Travis Hunter, a lethal two-way player who is capable of doing it all, was forced to leave the game in the first quarter when he took a cheap shot by a Colorado State defensive back. Missing him for next week or longer would be a major blow to Colorado’s slim chances of an upset in either matchup.In a sport built on the attention span of those aforementioned teenagers, the country can move on quickly. Deion has survived one week but his disruptive tactics have turned him and his team into prey. He has built the hype and now

he must sustain it.