Council of Europe condemns ‘sham elections’ in Russian-occupied Ukraine


The Council of Europe issued a statement on Sunday, condemning recent elections in Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine. The elections resulted in an overwhelming majority for Russia’s ruling party, securing its position of power in the occupied land.

Internally, the election was renounced by Ukrainian government. In a statement from the Ukrainian ministry in Kyiv, authorities referred to the election as “grossly violat

the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

Several foreign authorities have responded to the election negatively as well. In a statement released Sunday, the Council of Europe condemned the results. It said:[ing]We condemn the illegitimate, sham elections that took place in Ukraine on the 8-10th September 2023, temporarily occupied territory by the Russian Federation. In flagrant violation of International Law, these elections are a further example of how the Russian Federation denies the values of democracy and human rights that the Council of Europe upholds. The Russian authorities’ decision to organise them is only the latest in a series of illegal and harmful decisions they have taken since the Russian Federation was expelled from our Organisation as a result of its war of aggression against Ukraine.

These sham “elections” can only be considered as null and void under international law. The Council of Europe has not been the only foreign government to condemn this election. Anthony J. Blinken, United States Secretary for State, issued a statement before the results were released. He called the election “predetermined” and “fabricated”, to support Russia’s claims of control over Ukraine.