Cosy autumn décor trends for 2023


Winter isn’t here yet! Winter is not here yet. It’s a time when you can wear sweaters and relax. How can I make my house cosy in autumn?

How do I make it cosy this fall? It’s not necessary to cover your house in orange to celebrate autumn. Instead, why not check out the below trends that are taking 2023 by storm…


Warm, neutral colour palette

Picture of a woman on sofa reading with candles and cosy autumn decor living room

This autumn, the brighter tones that have been popular in the last few years are giving way to more delicate, neutral shades. Instead of red, orange and yellow, mustard and burgundy are set to be popular, as homeowners are opting for the ‘warmer’ shades associated with autumn.

Some of the top autumnal colours that are trending this year include:

Terracotta Chocolate brown



  • Caramel
  • Mossy green
  • Choose one or more of these tones to decorate your home using new throws and pillows, autumnal prints and wall decals, or even hire a painter and decorator to give your walls a new lease of life!
  • 2.
  • Natural materials
  • One of the top ways to create an autumnal feel is to incorporate natural materials such as wood, stone, velvet, plaid, cashmere, wool, and woven textures into your home. Stone countertops and wooden floors are gaining popularity in autumn 2023. For example, you could decorate using dried flowers and branches, autumnal plants (such as maple or oak leaves, birch branches, pinecones, sunflowers and eucalyptus), homemade garlands, or even add a pumpkin as a centrepiece for your dining table!


Picture of a bedroom with large king size bed and brown walls

Warm lighting Nothing makes a space seem more cosy and enticing than the right lighting! Choose warm-toned bulbs or dimmers to create a welcoming atmosphere. This season, taper candlesticks in autumnal colours and varying heights are a must have autumn decor item. Candlesticks in varying heights and autumnal colours will help you create ambiance and will stand out as a unique decor piece as well!

For all your lighting needs, speak to a skilled electrician in your area today.


Picture of an attic bedroom with pink sheets and wooden floors

4. Autumnal scents For a truly autumnal experience, use comforting scents that appeal to all your senses. Some of this year’s most popular include:

Pumpkin spice


Spiced chai


Picture of a bed with cosy lights hanging behind the bed frame

Apple cider


  1. Nutmeg
  2. Gingerbread
  3. Cranberry
  4. Sweet amber
  5. To get your house smelling like a cosy autumn day, you can use candles, potpourri, essential oil diffusers, or even throw a bunch of spices in a pot to simmer on low heat!
  6. 5.
  7. Prep your garden for autumn
  8. Just because summer is ending, there’s no reason why you should stop entertaining friends and family outdoors. You just need to do a bit of prep work to ensure your outdoor spaces are ready to tackle the cooler weather.
  9. Invest in weather resistant furniture, and make sure you have blankets to pile over your guests once they get comfortable outside. Patios or garden decks are the ideal landscaping option for outdoor dining. Then, all you’re missing is a speaker and some friends for the perfect party or dinner.
  10. Consider a firepit for the ultimate cosy garden experience, or even an outdoor heater to keep the cold away. Talk to a specialist in your area about a landscaping project. Speak to a skilled specialist in your area to get started.


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Autumn home decor FAQs… When should I start decorating for autumn?

Most people start decorating for autumn in early September, as the weather begins to cool and shops begin to sell autumnal decorations.

However, autumn doesn’t officially begin until mid September, so we recommend you start planning and brainstorming decor trends you like and contacting any tradespeople you’ll need before then.

Lastly, some people only like to decorate around specific holidays, like Halloween, in which case early October might be a better timeline.

How can I decorate the front of my house in autumn?

It doesn’t take much to decorate your front door with an autumnal theme. A pumpkin on your front door step and an autumn wreath hanging from your door are a great start, as are an autumn themed doormat and a few seasonal plants to add a pop of colour.

Picture of a garden with cosy furniture and candles and fairylights

Candles and lanterns create ambiance and warmth, as do fairy lights or garlands that hang from your porch or gate.

If you have a porch table or bench, decorate these with pinecones, gourds, mini pumpkins, candles, leaves, and branches to set an autumnal tone straight away.

How do you decorate for autumn on a budget?

Decorating for autumn on a budget is definitely achievable, especially if you get a little creative and resourceful with it. We recommend you:

DIY your decorations, including painted pinecones, leaf garlands made with leaves tied with twine, DIY autumn wreaths made using natural materials, and autumn themed painted mason jars

Shop sales and thrift stores for discounts and clearance items

Make the most of the natural world by collecting colourful leaves, pinecones, acorns, and branches during walks in the park

Print free, floral and autumn-themed wall art and frame it around your house

Swap decor with friends to give your home a fresh look without spending more money on new decorations

Autumn decor is simple, natural and cosy – you don’t need to break the bank to achieve the perfect atmosphere!

From garlands to taper candles, there are plenty of small additions you can make to give your home a cosy, autumnal feel. You can bring nature inside with homemade garlands and autumn leaves, or go for a more spooky look with Halloween decorations and pumpkins scattered around your home.

  1. Start in your dining room, with table decorations. Then move on to the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. There are countless options for home decor. Request a quote today to get started! Request a quote today to get started!