Clever design solutions for small homes


If you have a small home, you may be looking for ways to make it more spacious. Smaller design solutions can go a long way to make your home look and feel bigger, especially when it comes to adding clever storage. It’s not surprising that according to the 2023 Trends report, optimizing and reconfiguring space is one of the top five reasons homeowners are looking to improve their home this year. Use reflective materials to your advantage

It’s fairly common knowledge that mirrors can be used to create the illusion of space and openness in a small room. Opt for a floor length mirror or even an oversized mirror that covers an entire wall (a cluster of small mirrors put together can achieve the same effect) to give your room a feeling of spaciousness.

As well as this, don’t forget that reflective materials are also great at achieving a maximising effect. You can use glass in many places, such as on shelves, cabinets, or tabletops. Consider:

Glossy surfaces (like tiles) that reflect light well

Metallic finishes (like stainless steel and polished chrome) which catch and reflect light, adding brightness and depth

Reflective wallpaper (great for giving the illusion of space).

Polished flooring such as hardwood, concrete or glossy tiles creates an expansive effect. Also consider:

  • Glossy surfaces (like tiles) which reflect light well
  • Metallic finishes (like stainless steel and polished chrome) which catch and reflect light, adding brightness and depth
  • Reflective wallpaper (great at giving the illusion of space)
  • Polished flooring (such as hardwood, concrete, glossy tiles) that create an expansive effect

Just make sure your reflective materials don’t clash with your home’s aesthetics and lighting, especially in your kitchen, living room and bathroom. Speak to an electrician today to get some advice on pairing mirrored surfaces with your light fixtures.


Picture of a woman opening sofa to access storage inside

2. Turn your furniture into storage

Concealed storage is one of the best ways to store belongings and save space in tiny houses that don’t have a lot of cabinets or shelving.

If you’re short on storage space, you should consider getting the below furniture choices, but with built-in storage compartments:

  1. Ottomans
  2. Benches
  3. Footstools
  4. Coffee tables
  5. Platform beds
  6. Sofas
  7. Desks
  8. TV stands

All of these staple furniture pieces can be bought or adapted to double up as storage. It will increase the amount of space in your house to store your items neatly and out of sight. Go vertical!

Picture of a room with a large lit up floor length mirror

Vertical spaces can be harnessed to maximise room and create the illusion of vastness in your home.

Use empty vertical spaces as shelving storage. You can choose from corner shelves, fixed shelving, adjustable shelves and even floating shelves. If you do not want to install any new windows, you can hang long curtains to give the impression of space. If you don’t want to replace your existing windows, hang long curtains from the ceiling. This will give the illusion of space without having to install new ones. You don’t want to use curtains? Consider shutters or blinds, which take up very little space. Invest in foldable or collapsible furniture

Like storage furniture, collapsible furniture is always a great way to create space. Foldable furniture includes pull-out couches that can be converted into beds, which are great for entertaining friends. Similarly, you can also get beds built into your wall, so that you can use a room for two different purposes (for example an office that serves as a guest room when you have friends or family over).

Extendable clothes driers are also handy for those that don’t have space for a utility room. They’re out of the way and can be easily reached when you’re doing laundry.

Don’t have space for a big dining room? Pull-down tables are an excellent solution for smaller houses. They allow you to create a dining area. The options are endless. Shop around to find the best collapsible, space saving furniture.

Picture of a chair with window and long curtains in beige

Need a hand installing your new finds? A local handperson is here to help.


5. Use dead spaces

Most houses have many nooks, crannies or awkward corners that can be turned into storage. Custom-built furniture can help you clear clutter and organise your house. Talk to a carpenter to start turning your small home into a customized haven. Decluttering is the best way to make your home feel bigger. When you go through your things, sort them into keep, throw away, donate, or sell (if money is your goal). This will ensure that you only keep the things you need and want. Make your garden a living space

You can make your garden a more usable area by turning it into a patio or outdoor living space. Add weather-resistant furniture and outdoor lighting for an inexpensive fix, or consider one of these garden landscaping projects to really turn your garden into a safe haven (to be enjoyed year round):




Garden pond



Artificial grass or astro turf

Picture of a hallway with custom built storage in walls

Garden shed

Planned out the layout of your new garden? Talk to a garden specialist today to get started. What are you waiting for…your dream garden retreat awaits!


Have a small house? Don’t worry. It doesn’t cost a lot to make your house feel larger than it really is. You only need some clever design ideas. We can help you with any design trick or hack you’d like to use to create more space. Request a quote to get started.